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WELMAC can offer:

• design, basic and detail engineering
• consulting and feasibility studies
• plants and machinery

for plants or plant parts in the chemical/petrochemical industry, especially in the range of cost and energy saving measurements as well as environmentally friendly processes:

• complete systems for recovery of gasoline vapors or solvent vapors  (VOC)

condensation (cryogenic) methods
adsorption and absorption methods
membrane technologies

• air pollution control systems

condensation methods
adsorption and absorption methods (strippers, wash towers)
catalytic and thermal oxidation (incineration)

• strippers for water and soil treatment

• storage facilities, tanks, piping systems, inert gas blanketing

• inert gas (nitrogen) generators

PSA generators
membrane generators

• parts for petrochemical and chemical plants

heat exchangers
blowers, fans
Kompressoren und komplette Kompressorstationen
catalysts, molecular sieve, activated carbon
spare parts