Catalysts, Miscellanious

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WELMAC can offer:

• design, basic and detail engineering
• consulting
• goods


• catalysts (only from German makers with international best names)
noble metal catalysts
base metal catalysts
recovery of noble metal from noble metal catalysts

• adsorbents
molecular sieve
activated carbon, also impregnated types

• base and special organic & inorganic chemicals
we can quote from worldwide resources

• laboratory equipment, analysers, etc.

• all kind of spare parts

Based on long term experience Welmac can quote for a wide range of cacatlyst for any kind of application. The producers are only German makers with worldwide top quality. The recovery of noble metals is also offered.

This philosophy is also applied for the supply of all materials which are necessary for technical processes. Welmac can deliver base and special chemicals from worldwide sources. Please submit your inquiry specifications.