Plants for purification

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WELMAC can offer:

• design, basic and detail engineering
• consulting and feasibility studies
• plants and machinery

for purification and recycling plants for techni-cal gases (e.g. for nitrogen, hydrogen, noble gases and carbon -dioxide):

• catalytic
removal of oxygen from nitrogen or hydrogen or noble gases
removal of hydrocarbons from nitrogen

• adsorptive
removal of moisture from technical gases: molecular sieve dryers
removal of carbon dioxide from technical gases: molecular sieve dryers

• absorptive
removal of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans etc. by activated carbon filters
upgrading of CO2 from offgas by MEA absorption technology

Plants can be delivered including all necessary auxiliary equipment like buffer vessels, storage facilities, compressor or booster stations.

All plants are operated fully automatically by means of sophisticated logic processor controllers. Also remote control equipment can be installed.

For small units also manual or semiautomatic designs are available.


Many reactions in the petrochemical/chemical industry are performed under inert gases, e.g. nitrogen. This nitrogen can be recycled within the process but has to be cleaned before the re-use. Crude PET chips are often not suitable for the production of beverage bottles or film material, but have to be treated thermally (SSP Process). This treatment is performed under nitrogen coverage. This nitrogen can be recycled. The purification steps are: removal of hydrocarbon contaminants with contemporary removal of oxygen by a catalytic step and a subsequent removal step for water and carbon dioxide in a molecular sieve dryer. This process saves costs and energy.