Waste gas purification plants

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WELMAC can offer:

• design, basic and detail engineering
• consulting and feasibility studies
• plants and machinery

for waste gas purification processes:

• catalytic combustion

• thermal combustion

• DeNOx plants for stationary engines

In many technical processes in the chemical/pharmaceutical/petrochemical industry as well as the food industry, but also in paint shops, during the handling of organic solvents or during a great variety of common applications volatile organic components (VOC) are emitted to the ambient atmosphere and many processes suffer under the emission of organic based odors.

Legal restrictions demand the removal of these substances from the air because many of these components not only are harmful to the nature (green house effect, ozone gap) but also cause impacts to the human body (benzene, cancerogenic substances). The incineration plants of WELMAC reduce the concentrations down to legal limit values - and below - and the treated air can be released to the ambient without any remaining hazard.

The incineration of such components is a long approved and suitable method. Welmac can supply state-of-the-art incineration plants based on thermal or catalytic combustion. Catalytic plants are equipped with catalysts showing best conversion rates. Catalysts are based on noble metals or metal oxides. Which kind of catalysts has to be applied depends on the application. WELMAC´s design strictly follows the given specification.

WELMAC also offers the recycling of catalysts containing noble metals.