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LAMINWOOD® (edge glued) panels have been developed by WELMAC engineers as a modern product for the renewal of natural wood application. Modern technology makes the LAMINWOOD® panels a new product which combines strength and stability with the natural beauty of wood. These outstanding features have LAMINWOOD® used as the finest panels for the furniture production.


WELMAC engineers will arrange for the plant design based on the local lumber and other detailed conditions, all in accordance with the requested capacity and automation process. The production personnel will be trained by WELMAC engineers before the assembly of the plant in order to comply with the quality standards of LAMINWOOD®. During production start-up WELMAC supervisors will issue detailed instructions for the plant operation.


® is the registered trade mark for a modern wood panel of high stability and strength. The LAMINWOOD® organisation offers a product quality certification which allows the use of the LAMINWOOD® trade mark.

The certification process includes:
• establishment of standards and guidelines for a plant control system guaranteeing product quality in a cost-effective way
• technical training of the production personnel by our experts
• establishment of sales documentation of LAMINWOOD® products with special consideration of local wood species and other local conditions
• training of sales personnel for LAMINWOOD® distribution
• regular production control by our experts
• steady information by the LAMINWOOD® organisation on the latest technical developments in order to achieve and sustain good economic performance
• product support management with a centralised distribution system to export markets through the LAMINWOOD® organisation

The LAMINWOOD® QUALITY CERTIFICATE guarantees the acceptance of the high quality LAMINWOOD® panels on the international market.