3-Layer Parquet Lines

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Three layers of wood. Crossed grain direction between boards make WELAFLOOR® a very dimensionally stable product resisting almost all expansion and shrinkage. WELAFLOOR® parquet is produced in a thickness varying from 11 – 22 mm and length between 1100 mm and 2200 mm


A group of leading German manufacturers of parquet production machinery is headed by WELMAC providing a comprehensive package. The complete parquet production plant will be designed as per customers requirements and local raw materials. Assembly, start up and training will be carried out by WELMAC engineers having more than 20 years experience in this field.


WELMAC is closely co-operating with the leading sales organisations for parquet. The technology of WELMAC parquet plants is adapted constantly to the changing demand of the market. Thus, WELMAC guarantees that their production plants correspond to the latest development of the parquet industry. The high quality and performance of WELMAC plants ensure a first class parquet production for the international markets.
WELMAC engineers control regularly the parquet production plants and a certificate of quality will be issued.